MWNA Handbook

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Manly Warringah Netball Association games are played at the John Fisher Park Netball Courts, Abbott Rd, North Curl Curl. 9938 3595

When completed a full competition draw, calendar, court plan & contact names etc, are available on our website

By Laws governing competitions are posted on our website under resource library.

Competition Rules & Penalties

  • All players must be registered with MWNA via their club and play in full registered playing uniform.
  • All players must play in accordance with the Official rules of play, and such regulations as Council shall approve.
  • Signatures of player's must be provided on their photo ID cards.
  • No player shall play in a lower grade to that in which they are registered. A player from a lower grade may play in a higher grade, provided that, having played three (3) matches in any higher grade, the player automatically becomes a registered member of the lowest higher team in which he/she has played. NB 2 wet weather half games, played on the same day count as 2 games. Ineligible player - penalty for a winning team - the three (3) points awarded for that game shall be awarded to the otherteam. Penalty for a defeated team - loss of 2 competition points
  • Only 13year olds (the year of their netball age) and older players may play in senior grades. 12year olds may only play in junior grades.
  • Netta players may not play in any competition game ie 10year or higher.
  • All players playing up must comply with the current competition playing up guidelines as compiled by the grading committee for each competition and displayed on the notice board and control room at CC and on
  • When a club is fielding more than one (1) team in a grade, players may not interchange in that same grade.
  • All players must produce Identification Cards or, in an emergency, official photocopy for inspection by opposing team before commencement of match. Failure to do this shall result in player not taking part in the game until Identification Card is sighted.
  • If the whole team fails to produce such cards within one (1) minute of the commencement of the game, then that team shall forfeit that match. Clubs are to file a photocopy of their team Identification Cards in the control room for emergency use.
  • Teams must have five (5) registered members of their own team before they can take the court to play. A maximum of two (2) on court players only may be borrowed from a lower graded team from the same club. In the case of junior teams not being able to field a team during school holidays only, this number may be extended on application to M.W.N.A Inc. Executive Committee.
  • Player's must sign alongside their printed name on the score sheet, prior to the match. Signatures must be as per specimen signature on their ID cards.
  • If a player does not sign against his/her printed name on the score sheet, then it will be taken that the player did not play.
  • Incomplete score sheets may result in loss of points.
  • A team winning by forfeit shall return score sheet, signed by at least five (5) players, to the Duty Official to claim the forfeit, unless official notification of the forfeit has been received by the competition Secretary.
  • The Umpires shall have the power to veto any article of attire that may be considered dangerous or, that is contrary to the registered uniform, including taped nails and jewellery which is not acceptable in MWNA games. Refer Official Rules of Netball - Rule 1.4. This is a matter of player safety.



Wet Weather

Players should turn up to play unless:-
MWNA advise closure of the grounds or cancellation of games via Bounce Back SMS or MWNA Facebook page

Wet Weather Make Up Games

When a week is missed – the following week, two x half games are played, (EXCEPT IN PUBLIC SCHOOL HOLIDAYS, when they will be played the first game after school is resumed). The game of the date is played first half and the wet week the second half game. Teams go to the court and time indicated on the date in the official fixtures and are directed on the score sheet to the court for the second half game. NB this format is taken as TWO games for points or loss of points and TWO games played Umpires for this current date control the two half games on their allocated court. Netta games are not made up – they strictly play to the game of the day.

Point Score

is updated on our web site

Points shall be awarded in competition matches as follows:

  • Three (3) points for a win
  • Two (2) points for a draw
  • One (1) point for a loss
  • Three (3) points for a forfeit win
  • Nil (0) points for a forfeit loss
  • Nil (0) points for a bye

When two half games are played

  1. A team forfeiting that day's play shall be deemed to have incurred two (2) forfeits.
  2. A player borrowed by a team for that day's play shall be deemed to have played two (2) games with that team.

Finals - Winter Competition

A player must have played three (3) competition games with his/her club to be eligible to play the semi-finals, finals or grand finals

Once a player has participated in any game of the final series with any one team, he/she may NOT play with any other team in that final series.

Allocation of Umpires

Neutral umpires are allocated to all games except netta games. EACH CLUB provides two (2) umpires for each game rostered. Umpires are required to check off at the Umpires' Control, 15 minutes prior to the game.


Failure to check off and complete umpiring or stand-by duties will:

  • result in the Club rostered for that game having to fulfil two Umpiring penalties;
  • all penalties must be cleared within 3 playing days after penalty incurred but at the end of the season all penalties MUST be cleared by Game 14;
  • if penalties are not cleared in the due time each offender will be fined $50 and the team will lose one point for each offender for each offence;
  • a penalty incurred by a senior may only be cleared by a senior player or badged umpire but a junior penalty can be cleared by any player capable of umpiring.

Players and Spectators

Litter is not to be left at the grounds, please place all rubbish in the bins provided.>The public must comply with Warringah Council Smoking Ban for sporting fields, parks and playgrounds and people must refrain from smoking around the netball courts.

MWNA identifies dogs as a safety hazard around the courts.

Bulky items ie chairs, prams, bikes, scooters, umbrellas are also a safety hazard between the courts.

Players and spectators are asked not to park their cars across driveways or in hazardous places or in the designated section for ambulances. Parking is available in North Curl Curl Public School;– entry from Playfair Rd.


A team official is to collect the netta folder from control, then the rings from downstairs returning them to their respective locations at the end of the game.

Please indicate on the player indicator sheets the players participating that day by printing their names in the space provided. Signatures are not required NO points are recorded for Netta and scoring is to NOT to take place. An initiation talk to new netta parents is held each year early in the season.

Stoppages: Play may be stopped when a player is injured or ill. The first stoppage for each team in each quarter shall be up to two (2) minutes from when time is held to decide whether an injured or ill player is fit to continue. This decision shall be left to the Primary Carer. No other Team Official is permitted on court. "No added injury/illness time is allowed, except in the finals series, when the Timekeeper must note the stoppage and ensure that this time is played at the end of the quarter in which it occurred." For each subsequent stoppage for each team, the injured or ill player must leave the court and has thirty (30) seconds to do so. The injury or illness must be treated courtside and not on the court. The injured or ill player may be substituted or the position may be left vacant.

Insurance MWNA provide a physiotherapist in attendance each day of competition. A sports Injury Claim Form is available on the Association's website

Codes of Behaviour refer